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I am a business growth advisor to medium and small family-type businesses helping them grow their sales and profits, while improving the organization and culture.

To me, an advisor is much more than a consultant. As an advisor to you and your company, I focus on providing knowledge with ACTION! As you know, most companies struggle with the action portion as they are busy with day-to-day activities.

My contribution to the growth of your organization is centered around creating new sales channels, make existing sales channels much more profitable, improve the sales process efficiency, generate relationship-based qualified leads, ensure customer success/retention, and managing and motivating people within the organization.

My success is defined by sales growth and profits. New and existing customers will become more relationship based and less transactional in nature. This success path ensures a “stickier” client with sustainable revenue with bigger profit margins.

I accomplish these business improvements by using:

1) creative direct-response marketing;

2) building internal trust and outstanding communications;

3) by setting up an efficient and repeatable sales machine;

4) by educating the team on a relationship selling focus as opposed to a transactional bulk selling approach with lower margins.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I offer a complimentary 15 Minute phone or zoom session to folks to discuss possibilities and ideas to get your business moving forward. Click below to set up an appointment.

I look forward to helping you grow your business!


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